About the owner

Hi! I am Brooke. A wife and mom of five awesome kiddos and the owner of Elbee Boutique.  We live in the beautiful city of Satellite Beach, Fl on the Space Coast. We are blessed to have the beach close by and watch the rockets soar into space.

I grew up with a love of fashion but as each baby was born my style starting falling behind. I was losing that one thing that really made me feel good about myself.  All moms seem to fall into that trap at some point, right? It is easier to just throw something on. Not to mention how expensive life gets when you start adding extra little people. We tend to take a step back selflessly to make everyone around us happy. We forget that there is one little thing that we can do for ourselves to feel good.

If you dress better you feel better. 

So, here I am running an online boutique for all you women out there that love fashion and want it to be affordable, cute and comfortable. Let's face it, comfort is very important when you are chasing kids around. 

I am so excited to help you feel good about yourself while raising those littles. Thanks for shopping around and don't hesitate to reach out if you need something.