Who Am I?

Who am I?

      What a question to ask yourself. You know I have thought a lot about how I would describe myself in this post. Do I start from the beginning and tell you about then to my life now? Do I start now and work my way back to my childhood? I think I will just highlight the things that make me who I am. Lindsay Brooke Hargis.
     Kentucky >>> I am a Kentucky girl at heart. I mean I am definitely a Floridian but I was born in Ashland, KY and then moved to Florida when I was a year old. Growing up my parents always shared with me the great things about my birth state. This could be why I love horses. I have one sibling, an older brother.  My grandmother lived with us my entire life. I know, I’m lucky. She was a fashionista and if I had to pinpoint my love of fashion, I would have to credit her and of course my mother. Oh, and we can’t leave out Seventeen Magazine.
     Busy Bee >>> As a kid I was busy.  I never had a free moment. I took dance from the age of 5 as well as piano. I did gymnastics, cheerleading, modeling, acting and was a springboard diver. 
     Church >>> I am a Christian and Love the Lord.
     Confident >>> not so much.  I think I have always come across more confident than I actually am.  We are all self-conscious about ourselves in some way. I work on this daily.  I think that’s one reason why I like clothes so much. They can be such a confidence builder.  
     School >>> My younger years I went to school on the mainland.  The summer before high school we moved beach side.  That was a huge transition for me at a pretty delicate time in my teen years. Female, age 15, new house, city and school. My parents were very brave. However, I am so grateful they were because I loved my high school and I met my future husband.
     College >>> I graduate from the University of Florida with a degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders. What the heck is that you ask? Speech Pathology. GO GATORS!
     Marriage >>> Just a month after I graduated college, a long long time ago, I married my high school sweetheart. Que the hearts and singing birds.
     Work >>> I worked in the Brevard County School System as a Speech Pathologist and Exceptional Education teacher which enabled me to also coach spring-board diving at several high schools.
     Children >>> Bye Bye teaching. I have 2 boys and 3 girls. That’s 5! Wait, did I just say that? I did!  Did I plan on having 5? I can honestly say, nope. However, my husband always wanted 5 or 6.  He comes from a very large family. I thought we had settled after 3, until #4 came along and shortly after #5. All by c-sections. God Bless my body for hanging in there.
     Life now >>> once a busy bee, always a busy bee.  I went from full time mom to now having 3 jobs…by choice. I started this school year as an assistant at the preschool that our youngest attends, which I love.  I also officially launched Elbee Boutique, llc because of my love for fashion that mysteriously got put on the back burner after having kids.  I wanted that love back and I hope that having this boutique can help other women find their love for fashion too. I want them to feel awesome in great clothes that are affordable. I really want Elbee to be a place that women can turn to when they need a boost. Clothing that is practical for their daily life and they won’t have to spend all their kids lunch money.

     Who am I? >>> I think if you asked me who I am today I would say wife, mother and mom-treprenuer.  I love every second of having 5 kids with my hubby. I am very excited about the boutique and its future.  I couldn’t live without the chaos that we face everyday and I absolutely couldn’t go very long in silence.  At least I think, if I could only remember what that was like. (insert eye-roll emoji).



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  • I had no idea that Chad was the one who actually wanted 5 plus kids! 😍 I wanted 6 kids, but due to my auto-immune disease I had to stop at 2. I’m OH SO THANKFUL for my girls! They are seriously my greatest joys!!! You did a great job writing about yourself! I was excited to read it! I think you should include more detail about your modeling and acting!!! That is SERIOUSLY AWESOME!!! ☺️

  • Proud Mom of an exceptionally beautiful daughter inside and out!!! You never cease to amaze me!! Your husband and kids are blessed to have you!!! (As are Dad and I) Love you!!! Xoxox

    K Tuttle

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