Brooke's Beauty Review: ONE

Brooke's Beauty Review: ONE

The truth is as a mom, I don't often do my nails. Shocker, right?

I don't think I am alone here. Between dishes, laundry, taking care of the kiddos, my business and washing my hands over and over, especially now in the world of Covid, it just doesn't happen. 

I mean its a vicious cycle, like laundry. Vicious cycle! But at least with nails I can choose not to paint them. 

The laundry on the other hand HAS to get done. With five kids there is certainly no choice.

<This picture is not me but very much resembles my relationship with laundry> 

Ok, back to nails.

Paint them...wait for ever for them to dry...get impatient and then mess them up...repaint...wait..wait...wait...go about my life feeling good that my nails are pretty only to wake up the next day to the paint peeling off. UGH! Do you feel me?

Do I wish that my nails would be polished and pretty all the time? Well, of course I do. I like to dress nice and look put together, but the nails always suffer. 

I know what you are thinking.....Color Street Nails.

I like Color Street a lot. Don't get me wrong. I have quite a few friends that are Color Street Reps. It's a great product and when I have time to use the strips, I do. I'm just not that good at it and for me, it takes time. Time that I'm usually using for laundry. 


Static Nails

This product is awesome! 

It went on smooth and easy. The polish brush is amazing. It dried in about one to two minutes. No joke. The color I used, Irene, needed two coats and it still dried that quickly. Which is so important because it is all about time, right?

Not just that, it also lasted a good three to four days before chipping. That is incredible considering how many times my hands are in water throughout the day. 

Here is the link to their Liqued Glass Licquer Collection. Or in mom terms: A list of their polish colors.

My thoughts are.....if you aren't going to choose Color Street Nails

I would pick Static Nails.



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